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Haiti To Rollout Rotavirus Vaccine With Support From GAVI

GlobalPost’s “Global Pulse” blog reports on Haiti’s plan to vaccinate 250,000 children with the rotavirus vaccine, an effort being supported by the GAVI Alliance. “As a result of GAVI’s efforts, pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline will soon provide the oral rotavirus vaccine, Rotarix, to Haiti for a fraction of the retail cost,” the blog notes, adding, “GAVI has committed to funding $4.7 million worth of the vaccine until 2016, and Haiti’s government will contribute $0.20 for each dose, for a total of about $350,000, GAVI’s Deputy CEO Helen Evans said.” Children in the country will receive the vaccination at no cost, the blog states. “Global Pulse” includes an interview with Evans, who discusses the significance of the rotavirus vaccine rollout, as well as the logistics of the campaign (Miley, 4/29).