Haiti Struggles To Recover From Hurricane Matthew In Shadow Of 2010 Earthquake Recovery

New York Times: After Hurricane, Haiti Confronts Scars From 2010 Earthquake Recovery
“The ghosts of 2010 haunt Haiti. They hover over the recovery effort for Hurricane Matthew in its every aspect: the Haitian government’s insistence on coordinating aid, the modest numbers of deaths registered, the struggle to raise sufficient funds, even the blight of cholera now terrorizing remote stretches of the countryside. There is logic to much of it. After the 2010 earthquake, aid groups took over. They worked around a government as devastated as its capital, undermining billions of dollars in aid and the very people it was meant to help. For now, the government has put a stop to that…” (Ahmed, 10/21).

NPR: Dr. Paul Farmer Is ‘Surprised And Upset And Humbled’ After Visit To Haiti
“Paul Farmer has spent a lot of time in Haiti over the past three decades. Still, what he saw on his visit this past week left him ‘surprised and upset and humbled.’ Farmer is a physician and Harvard Medical School professor who co-founded the nonprofit Partners In Health. He has been a tireless advocate for Haitians, Haiti, and the universal right to health care in even the poorest of countries…” (Silver, 10/21).