Guttmacher Experts Highlight World Contraception Day, Need For More R&D Support For Sexual, Reproductive Health Interventions

Guttmacher Institute: World Contraception Day: Celebrating Progress and Maintaining Momentum
Heather D. Boonstra, director of public policy, and Leah H. Keller, senior policy editorial assistant, both with the Guttmacher Institute, highlight World Contraception Day, recognized on September 26. The authors write, “In recent decades, there have been significant advancements in access and technology that have expanded individuals’ ability to make decisions about their own sexual and reproductive health. It is critical that advocates, policymakers, and other stakeholders work to maintain these hard-fought gains and drive new ones. One proven way to do this is to invest in research and development (R&D) of sexual and reproductive health interventions, including in particular for innovative technologies that simultaneously offer pregnancy, HIV, and other STI prevention. Such R&D support would impact the lives of millions of people here and abroad…” The authors outline areas that could be improved through R&D (9/25).