Guinea Monitors 816 Contacts Of New Ebola Cases; Liberia Closes Border With Guinea; MSF Specialist Urges Continued Precautions Among Health Workers

Reuters: Guinea monitoring 816 Ebola contacts following flare-up
“Guinea’s Ebola coordination unit has traced an estimated 816 people who may have come into contact with victims of the disease or their corpses during a recent flare-up in a village in the country’s southeast, a health official said on Monday…” (Samb/Bavier, 3/21).

Reuters: Liberia closes border with Ebola-hit Guinea
“Liberia closed its border with Guinea on Tuesday as a precaution against Ebola following at least four deaths from the virus in Guinea, Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nangbe said…” (Toweh/Bigg, 3/22).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: West Africa vulnerable to new major Ebola outbreak as vigilance fades
“…Ebola victims in recent flare-ups in Liberia and Sierra Leone were inspected by health workers who were not wearing protective clothing, while the corpse of one woman victim was washed by several people, contrary to best practice. Health facilities must reinforce infection prevention and control measures or risk widening the spread of new Ebola outbreaks, according to Armand Sprecher, public health specialist at medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)…” (Guilbert, 3/21).