Guardian Interviews Malaria Consortium Technical Officer About Antibiotics Research For Pneumonia

“Malaria Consortium has been conducting research in Zambia to understand how antibiotics are being used at community level to treat pneumonia, a major killer of children under the age of five in Africa,” The Guardian reports in a post in its “Global Development Professionals Network Partner Zone.” According to the newspaper, “[t]he study is being carried out under Comdis-HSD, a UKAid funded research partnership between academic institutions and [non-governmental organizations (NGOs)], and findings from the study will be used to inform programs working to improve child health, through the integrated community case management (ICCM) of common childhood diseases.” The Guardian interviews Malaria Consortium technical officer Kirstie Graham about the research. According to the transcript, Graham discusses the motivations behind the study, examines the concept of “rational use of antibiotics,” and describes what she hopes “will be the outcome of this study” (8/16).