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Guardian Examines Access To Abortion Services In Ethiopia

The Guardian examines access to abortion services in Ethiopia, noting, “In 2005, Ethiopia legalized abortion in cases of rape or incest, for all young women under the age of 18, and in a number of other situations. Guidelines from the ministry of health in 2006 went further, expanding the range of health facilities allowed to provide abortion services and instructing health workers that women seeking abortions do not have to provide proof of rape or incest, or of how old they are.” However, “despite having one of the most liberal abortion laws in Africa, progress on expanding access to services has been slow, particularly in rural areas,” the newspaper writes. The Guardian also examines how U.S. law affects foreign assistance for abortion, writing, “While reproductive health issues and efforts to end maternal deaths have risen up the agenda of aid donors, very few are willing to fund abortion” (Provost, 12/16).