Governments, Philanthropies Pledge $1B To Global Financing Facility To Improve Maternal, Child Health

Devex: Donors put up $1B for Global Financing Facility, with notable absences
“Donors have agreed to put an additional $1 billion into the Global Financing Facility to improve health and nutrition for women, children, and adolescent girls in low-income countries. However, the sum raised at a replenishment conference in Norway on Tuesday fell far short of the $2 billion target. There were also concerns that the facility could fragment the crowded international health space and push some countries further into debt distress…” (Edwards, 11/7).

Reuters: Donors pledge $1 bln for maternal and child health fund
“…Tuesday’s pledges included $360 million from Norway, $65 million from Britain, and $58 million from Germany. They were ‘an important milestone’ towards raising $2 billion for the GFF to be able to expand to 50 countries from the current 27, the fund said in a statement. It said it was expecting additional pledges from new and existing investors who may make multi-year commitments. ‘Healthy women, children, and adolescents contribute to a virtuous cycle,’ said Melinda Gates, co-chair of the philanthropic Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which committed $200 million to the GFF replenishment…” (Kelland, 11/6).