Governments, Development Organizations Must Find Synergies To Achieve SDGs

Inter Press Service: Food Sustainability, Migration, Nutrition and Women
Enrique Yeves, director of communications for the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization

“…If we channel development assistance in an integrated way, rather than towards specific sectors, we are more likely to achieve sustainable changes — these in turn can ease the burden of coordination and enhance our ability to help governments to achieve more effective and long-term improvements. For this to happen, we need the political will of governments to achieve change, coupled with adequate resources. … The role of development organizations, including the U.N., non-governmental organizations, and international and regional financial institutions, is also critical. … Eradicating hunger is a lynchpin for the entire 2030 Agenda, and governments must raise awareness about why achieving the SDGs is critical. This effort will both enable and benefit from women’s empowerment. … What is essential is to find synergies — not only to avoid wasteful duplication but to forge the basis for sustainable solutions…” (6/19).