Good Governance Most Important Factor In Responding, Building Resilience To Climate-, Conflict-Related Food Insecurity

The Conversation: Somalia conflict and famine: the causes are bad governance, not climate change
Hakim Abdi, geographer and sustainability scientist at Lund University

“The link between climate change and violent conflict is a complex one. In specific circumstances changing weather patterns may lead to conflict. … But the links are often exaggerated and oversimplified. Somalia is a case of subtle connections between drought, food insecurity, and conflict. Understanding these connections better — and identifying other relevant factors — could help prevent suffering in the future. … It is wrong to blame climate change for famine and conflict. These can either be prevented, or the impact minimized, if institutions and mechanisms of good governance are in place. … Somalia needs a Somali-led integrated disaster information system that identifies food insecurity and directs response. Other useful steps include harnessing local knowledge and technology to meet the people’s needs. … Somalis should be prepared for more hard times in future” (10/4).