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Global Tobacco Treaty Leaders Could Decide At Conference To Eject Delegates With Industry Ties; India Reaffirms Commitment To Treaty

Reuters: Exclusive: Global tobacco treaty leaders propose ejecting delegates with ties to industry
“The leadership of a World Health Organization (WHO) treaty aimed at controlling tobacco could be about to get tougher with the global tobacco industry. Delegates at a conference next week on controlling tobacco with ties to the business could be refused credentials and ejected, according to an internal document seen by Reuters. The proposal, if adopted by the full Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) at the conference in India, could affect delegates sent by countries like China and Vietnam, where governments own cigarette companies or promote tobacco growing and have in the past sent representatives linked to the industry…” (Wilson/Kalra, 11/3).

Reuters: India says it is committed to global tobacco-control treaty
“India reaffirmed on Tuesday its commitment to a World Health Organization (WHO) tobacco-control treaty, despite lobbying from its $11 billion industry that opposes some measures in the treaty that will be discussed at a conference next week. Delegates from about 180 countries will attend the Nov. 7-12 conference near New Delhi on the only global anti-tobacco treaty, called the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC)…” (Kalra, 11/1).