Global Task Force On Cholera Control Develops ‘Bold Vision’ For Cholera Eradication

The Lancet: Cholera: ending a 50-year pandemic
Editorial Board

“… In response to [the threat of cholera], the Global Task Force on Cholera Control (GTFCC), has brought together representatives from cholera-affected countries, donors, and technical experts to develop a Global Roadmap to 2030. … The novelty of the GTFCC eradication strategy is based on three key axes. First, the emphasis on rapid response to outbreaks: controlling epidemics through community engagement, improved early warning surveillance, and the rapid delivery of cholera control kits, [oral cholera vaccines (OCV)], and WASH supplies. Second, the strategy implements a multisectoral approach in hotspots of endemic cholera. … The third axis is the coordination of operational support, local and global resourcing, and technical expertise delivered by GTFCC. … The bold vision of the Global Roadmap is welcome but the challenges that lie ahead should not be underestimated … Ending cholera depends both on successful delivery of the prevention strategies on the ground and mitigating risks to the Global Roadmap at a high-level (securing financing, ensuring vaccine availability, and galvanizing political will). The technical ability to control cholera is within our capabilities…” (10/7).