Global Public Health, Economic Costs Of Malnutrition Estimated At $3.5T Annually, U.N. Agencies Say

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Rise in malnutrition must be reversed before it creates health ‘catastrophe’: experts
“Malnutrition — which includes hunger and obesity — is on the rise and may affect half the world’s population by 2035 unless governments take urgent action to reverse its spread, U.N. agencies and experts said on Thursday…” (Whiting, 12/1).

U.N. News Centre: One in three people suffers malnutrition at global cost of $3.5 trillion a year — U.N.
“As a United Nations international meeting on ways to improve diets and ensure sustainable food systems kicked off in Rome, Italy [Thursday], participants were told that one in three people on the planet suffers some form of malnutrition, impacting public health and economic development at an estimated cost of $3.5 trillion per year…” (12/1).