Global Nutrition Report Provides Insights Into Underweight, Overweight Malnutrition

Huffington Post: The Global Nutrition Report: New Data to Tackle Double Burden of Malnutrition
Marion Roche, technical adviser for the Micronutrient Initiative

“…[W]ith the recent launch of the Global Nutrition Report, we have, for the first time in the last 20 years, an up-to-date and succinct overview of global malnutrition. … The Global Nutrition Report provides the opportunity to think about reducing both underweight and overweight malnutrition. We don’t want to shift the growth curve from underweight to overweight, we want to improve the quality of diets, reduce infections and illness, and ensure that mothers, children, families, communities, and countries have access to the micronutrients they need for optimal health and development” (11/18).