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Global Malaria Eradication Could Be Achieved Without Globally Coordinated Campaign, Study Suggests

In a study published in the journal Science last week, a team of researchers at the University of Southampton, led by Andrew Tatem, suggest “the global eradication of malaria could be achieved by individual countries eliminating the disease within their own borders and coordinating efforts regionally,” a press release from the University of Southampton reports. According to the press release, the researchers “examined data from 1980 onwards for 30 countries which successfully eliminated malaria and also took part in the 1955 Global Malaria Eradication Programme (GMEP)” and found “it may be possible for malaria elimination to proceed like a ratchet, tightening the grip on the disease region-by-region, country-by-country, until eradication is ultimately achieved — but without the need for a globally coordinated campaign” (2/26).