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Global HIV Community Must Advocate For New Drugs To Treat Drug-Resistant HIV

SciDev.Net: World unprepared for a new HIV epidemic
Edsel Maurice Salvana, director of molecular biology and biotechnology at the Philippine National Institutes of Health

“…Progress in the treatment of HIV and AIDS has indeed been positive. … But concomitant to this success is an alarming jump in drug-resistant HIVs. … [F]irst-line [anti-retrovirals (ARVs)] as recommended by WHO may no longer be adequate to address the increasing trend of drug resistance and a push for newer and more potent agents is in order. … [I]t can no longer be ‘business as usual’ for WHO, UNAIDS, and other stakeholders in HIV. … [T]he virus is by no means defeated and continues to evolve. It continues to defeat efforts for a durable cure or a vaccine. … We need to rekindle the old flame of the early HIV activists who would not take no for an answer, and demand that we do what needs to be done to save lives…” (5/16).