Global Health NOW Highlights 8 Issues To Track During World Health Assembly

Global Health NOW: 8 Things To Look For At The 70th World Health Assembly
“…To make sense of the blizzard of topics to be considered by the nearly 4,000 delegates from 194 countries, a WHO source offered Global Health NOW an insider’s guide to the most pressing issues to watch. 8. Dementia … 7. A Slew of Important Decisions [including sepsis, substandard and falsified medical products, noncommunicable diseases, deafness, and the role of health sector in the strategic approach to international chemicals management] … 6. 2 Sensitive Issues [Palestine and Taiwan] … 5. Polio Transition … 4. Margaret Chan’s Last Assembly … 3. Health Emergencies … 2. The Budget … 1. The DG Election…” (Simpson, 5/18).