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Global Health Community, HIV Advocates Should Unite Around Ending TB, AIDS Epidemics

Huffington Post: HIV/AIDS Advocates Can ‘Unite to End TB’ for Common Goals
Jennifer Sherwood, policy associate at amfAR, and Christina Chandra, Allan Rosenfield public policy fellow at amfAR

“…By 2030, the Sustainable Development Goals set a target of ending the TB and AIDS epidemics altogether. The obstacles to achieving these goals are similar for both diseases: weak health systems, underlying social determinants, lack of effective tools, and unmet funding needs. To meet these challenges, diseases can no longer be viewed in silos. The world requires a systems approach to combating diseases as opposed to singular disease interventions. … As a global health community, we now have another opportunity to unite around global goals to build better health systems and eliminate the most dangerous infectious diseases of our time. Beyond World TB Day, HIV/AIDS advocates can show solidarity with the fight against TB by working together to achieve common goals for a healthier, disease-free world” (3/28).