Global Community Must Use Innovative Communication To Spread Awareness Of SDGs

Devex: Move the human heart
Sally Susman, executive vice president for corporate affairs at Pfizer and vice chair of the Pfizer Foundation

“…The aspiration of the SDGs — what are also being referred to as the global goals — and the intent of governments are significant milestones, but it is unleashing the power of a caring human spirit that will bring the change we seek. Launching a 15-year global campaign will be no small task. The communications plan will require an innovative social movement that reaches people in the ways they receive their information. … At Pfizer, we plan to start close to home. The congestion brought about by our physical proximity to the U.N.’s General Assembly and one of New York City’s most famous thoroughfares (42nd Street), is an opportunity to tell a story that inspires. Working with the United Nations Foundation, our windows will help get the word out about the SDGs and support a conversation we want to build on social media…” (9/14).