Global Community Must Take Comprehensive Family Planning Approach To Help More People

Huffington Post: Holding the World Bank Accountable for Reproductive Health Commitments
Princess Sarah Zeid of Jordan, a White Ribbon Alliance champion

“…To ensure that development is truly sustainable and to avoid far worse — to prevent a backward slide — we must do more for more. And we must do better. In two areas, at least, this urgent need for critical action and more proportionate investment stand out and these are newborn survival and health, and adolescents. … When women and their children live healthier, longer lives their families, their communities and ultimately their nations are made stronger, safer and more prosperous. Family planning is a key to unlocking the promise of this extraordinary human potential. A comprehensive approach to reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health is proven in its success, urgent for further inclusive development, and essential if we are to uphold the dignity of those who uphold us…” (4/14).