Global Community Must Address Malnutrition In All Forms Without Losing Gains On Reducing Stunting

The Guardian: There is no place for malnutrition in the 21st century
Lawrence Haddad, Corinna Hawkes, and Emorn Udomkesmalee, all co-chairs of the Independent Expert Group of the Global Nutrition Report

“One of the welcome and surprising headline findings from the 2015 Global Nutrition Report is that 39 out of 114 countries with data are on course to meet the World Health Assembly goals for under-five stunting. … The challenge for countries now is to expand the commitment to tackle malnutrition in all its forms, and to do so without diluting the progress made against stunting. … We believe three things have to happen. … First, we have to reframe malnutrition. … Second, we need to apply what is working for stunting to other areas. … Third, we need to identify ‘double duty’ actions that work to prevent or reduce multiple forms of malnutrition. … Of course, it will require changes in institutional organization, in developing solutions, and in capacity, training and research. … It is time to bring malnutrition into the 21st century — and end it” (9/22).