GHTC Fact Sheet, Policy Brief Examine FDA’s Role In Global Health

Noting the FDA “has a strong history of sharing its expertise to benefit people worldwide and is playing an increasingly vital role in global health issues,” the Global Health Technologies Coalition’s (GHTC) “Breakthroughs” blog reports, “The GHTC has released two new resources that provide fresh evidence on the FDA’s growing global health presence, while also offering recommendations for how the agency can continue to strengthen its efforts to improve health and save lives worldwide.” According to the blog, a “new fact sheet [.pdf] and policy brief [.pdf] focus on five key areas at the FDA,” including the need to “create an office of neglected diseases,” “build partnerships with global regulatory stakeholders,” “establish formalized processes to report to Congress on its neglected disease activities,” and “dedicate additional staff members and resources to global health engagement.” Finally, “[i]t’s critical that congressional policymakers pass a smart budget agreement that avoids another round of sequestration cuts while protecting key programs at FDA and other federal agencies that work in global health” (Lufkin, 9/19).