Georgetown University Graduate Student Discusses 3 Takeaways From Latest Request To Global Fund’s Board For Aid To Venezuela

Georgetown Public Policy Review: Three Takeaways From The Latest Request To The Global Fund’s Board For Aid To Venezuela
Roxanne Oroxom, graduate student at Georgetown University, discusses three takeaways from the latest request to the Global Fund’s Board for aid to Venezuela: “Takeaway 1: The initial funding for Venezuela was not governed like the Global Fund’s typical investments, and those differences will carry into the second round of support … Takeaway 2: Even external monitoring and accountability efforts have faced significant barriers … Takeaway 3: Venezuela’s procurement process remains weak and the country continues to rely heavily on donations of medical supplies.” Oroxom concludes, “The Global Fund should get high marks for its commitment to transparency and willingness to provide aid to an otherwise ineligible country. However, the crisis in Venezuela requires much more from the international community…” (1/21).