Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance Aims To Immunize 300M More Children

Huffington Post: Be Bold: How Gavi Will Immunize Another 300 Million Children
Dagfinn Høybråten, Secretary General for the Nordic Council of Ministers and Chair of the Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance Board

“A challenge stands before us: ensuring immunization of the world’s poorest children. If we as global citizens can meet it, we will help protect the lives of millions in places too poor to afford vaccines. Despite remarkable progress made by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance in helping to immunize half a billion children since 2000, nearly one-in-five children are still missing out, such that every year, 1.5 million still die from vaccine-preventable diseases. … Serious disparities remain with coverage high in some regions but virtually non-existent in others. Our challenge by donors on behalf of the world’s children is clear: End this disparity in coverage. Help countries establish equitable, sustainable vaccine programs. We must reach the unreached, giving children a chance to live to their full potential. We will continue to be bold” (3/31).