Gavi-Supported Vaccine Initiatives Will Save 20M Lives, Hundreds Of Billions In Costs By 2020, Study Shows

International Business Times: Global vaccine program will save 20 million lives and $820 billion by 2020, research finds
“Vaccination initiatives in the world’s poorest countries will have prevented 20 million deaths and saved around $350 billion in health care costs by 2020, a new study has found. Furthermore, the researchers estimate that the broader economic savings from prevented deaths and disabilities comes to about $820 billion…” (Georgiou, 9/4).

United Press International: Study: Vaccines expected to save 20 million lives, $350B by 2020
“…Researchers analyzed the impact of Gavi, the global vaccine alliance launched in 2000 to provide vaccines to children in the world’s poorest countries. With Gavi, 580 million children have been vaccinated in 73 countries. The savings, calculated in 2010 U.S. dollars, include averted treatment, transportation costs, productivity losses of caregivers and those due to disability and death…” (Wallace, 9/1).