GAVI Alliance To Establish ‘Centre Of Excellence’ To Receive Private Sector Advice On Supply Chains

Noting vaccine “supply chain inefficiencies may be contributing to the deaths of 1.5 million children each year from vaccine-preventable diseases, the vast majority in developing countries,” GAVI Alliance CEO Seth Berkley writes in a Devex opinion piece, “As the world’s largest purchaser of vaccines for developing countries, GAVI is now urgently seeking innovations that will allow governments to reach more children and maximize the dollars spent.” He continues, “The stakes are high. Since 2000, the value of GAVI-funded vaccines has increased tenfold, from $94 million to $921 million in 2011.” Therefore, “starting in 2014, we are working to convene a supply chain ‘Centre of Excellence’ of committed global corporations that would provide advice to GAVI on our broader supply chain strategy and individually work with partner governments and technical specialists to tackle several of the most pressing problems, such as stock monitoring, cold chain breakdowns and poor data quality,” he notes.

“Certainly, the majority of issues will still need to be addressed by the governments involved, together with major GAVI Alliance partners, such as UNICEF and the [WHO],” Berkley writes, adding, “My belief is that Centre members will bring a fresh perspective and dynamic to the good work already underway and help develop long-term sustainable solutions in key areas.” He continues, “We can learn a lot from the private sector while helping them gain market knowledge and possibly catalyzing commercial solutions at the same time.” Berkley concludes, “This type of collaborative partnership would be a win for all involved, but most importantly for those children who await the opportunity of a healthier life” (9/26).