Gates Foundation, PATH Support Initiative To Improve Health Data Systems In Tanzania

Devex: Can data drive better health outcomes in Tanzania?
“…[Bill Gates] of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation [recently visited Tanzania] — where he has traveled with his wife and co-chair Melinda many times — in part to see the BID Initiative. Led by the global health organization PATH and funded by the Gates Foundation, the program aims to bring data to decision-making for better health outcomes. Now, with $15 million from the Gates Foundation, Tanzania will pursue the first digital health investment strategy of its kind in the region…” (Cheney, 9/5).

GeekWire: Gates Foundation and PATH wire up health data in Africa using a novel approach
“The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the global health nonprofit PATH are working on a groundbreaking initiative in Africa that takes an unexpected approach. … The [Data Use Partnership] is digitizing and connecting Tanzania’s health care system, linking a fragmented array of databases and information sources. A unified system could dramatically improve efficiency, accountability, and cost savings for a country of 45 million people that struggles with infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS…” (Stiffler, 9/3).