Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations Grant Recipients Look To Fight Malaria, HIV

The Associated Press/Atlanta Journal-Constitution examines two research proposals – “[u]sing microwaves to kill malaria parasites and developing a way to give fetuses immunity to HIV” – that, along with 10 other research projects, have moved into the second phase of funding as part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenges Explorations.

“The foundation initially chose more than 500 scientific ideas out of nearly 20,000 proposals for its Grand Challenges Explorations grants, worth $100,000 each, saying it would be taking a calculated risk by giving money for whatever wacky idea the world’s best minds come up with to combat malaria, HIV and other world health problems,” the news agency writes (Blankinship, 7/13). “Grantees who receive Phase II funding will receive up to one million dollars of additional funding over a two-year period,” according to a Gates Foundation press release (7/13).