Future U.N. Engagement In Global Health Across Sectors Vital To Improve Humanity’s Well-Being

Washington Times: A ‘relentless’ promoter of health as a human right
Margaret Chan, director general of the WHO

“Over the past decade, health issues have attained an unprecedented prominence at the United Nations. … The focus on health in three U.N. high-level meetings illustrates the profound leadership and broad impact we have seen under … U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. … On Dec. 31, Ban Ki-moon will pass the baton to his successor, and with it many health challenges that WHO and other U.N. agencies are still working to address. Health workers are still a target in many conflict zones today. Disease outbreaks that pose a risk of spreading quickly through international trade and travel will continue to threaten global security. Noncommunicable diseases have overtaken infectious diseases as the No. 1 killers worldwide. These challenging health issues remain, but Ban Ki-moon has provided a way forward to address all of them. The Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the U.N. General Assembly in September 2015 give the international community an opportunity to work together across all sectors to improve the well-being of humanity. The current secretary general has set a new bar for U.N. engagement in health issues. It will be essential for years to come” (12/29).