Fragile Global Antibiotic Supply Chain Causing Shortages, Increasing Resistance Risk, Report Says

CIDRAP News: Report: Fragile supply chain causing antibiotic shortages, resistance threat
“A new report is warning about an emerging crisis in the global antibiotic supply chain that’s causing antibiotic shortages and contributing to antimicrobial resistance (AMR). In a white paper released [Thursday], the Dutch nonprofit Access to Medicine Foundation argues that a fragile global supply chain that’s dependent on a small number of antibiotics manufacturers, along with a financially unstable economic model, are responsible for shortages of antibiotics on a global and national level…” (Dall, 5/31).

Reuters: Another antibiotic crisis: fragile supply leads to shortages
“…In absence of the right drugs, patients may take less effective or poor quality medicines that increase the risk of antimicrobial resistance developing. ‘Things are getting worse because the market is not fixing the problem, despite the expansion in the need for such specialist antibiotics,’ said AMF Executive Director Jayasree Iyer…” (Hirschler, 5/31).