Former U.S. President Bush Promotes PEPFAR, Cervical Cancer Programs In Botswana, Says U.S. Government Must Continue Support For Global Health Programs

Reuters: Former U.S. president Bush touts signature Africa AIDS program in Botswana
“Former U.S. President George W. Bush touted his signature aid project for Africa during a visit to Botswana on Tuesday, saying he hoped Washington would recognize its importance in saving lives threatened by AIDS. … ‘I hope our government when they analyze what works around the world will understand that PEPFAR has saved over 11 million lives,’ he said. ‘And while progress has been made we’ve got to continue to stay in this battle in order to save lives. Every human life matters. And I hope the people of America understand that through their generosity millions now live.’ … Bush said cervical cancer was now the leading cause of death among women in Botswana…” (Stoddard, 4/4).