Former U.S. Ambassadors To U.N. Send Letter To Congress Urging Continued Financial Support For U.N. Agencies

U.N. Dispatch: Nearly Every Living Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Just Signed This Letter to Congress
Mark Leon Goldberg, editor of the U.N. Dispatch, writes, “Nine former United States Ambassadors to the United Nations, who served under both Republican and Democratic presidents, wrote to key members of Congress [Tuesday] urging them to maintain American financial support for the United Nations and its agencies. … The letter comes at a key time. The White House released a budget request that would substantially reduce American support for diplomacy and development, including programs at the United Nations. That budget is now being debated in Congress and this letter sends a (bipartisan) message that the United Nations, despite its flaws, deserves American support…” (4/25).