Food Start-Up JUST Aims To Improve West African Nutrition With Fortified Cassava Porridge

Washington Post: The Silicon Valley food start-up best known for its vegan mayo thinks it can cure malnutrition in Africa
“…[Food start-up company] Hampton Creek, recently renamed JUST, has far grander ambitions than turning the U.S. food market on its head. This month it’s going public with a product it describes as its solution to addressing West African malnutrition. The product, a fortified cassava porridge dubbed Power Gari, is cheap to produce, popular with consumers and tailored to the exact dietary needs of the market where it’s sold, the company says. … But the company’s claims have also raised eyebrows among development experts, who say that other, larger food companies have attempted almost identical projects, without success…” (Dewey, 2/23).