First South African HIV Stigma Index Released At National AIDS Conference

News outlets highlight findings from a new report on HIV/AIDS stigma that was released at the 7th South African AIDS Conference.

Business Day: Index uncovers stigma levels experienced by people living with HIV
“A third of South Africans living with HIV say they have experienced stigma and a tenth have contemplated suicide, according to SA’s first Stigma Index, released on Tuesday at the 7th South African AIDS Conference under way in Durban. The survey shows that SA fares better than many other African countries, but that many people affected by HIV have made life-changing decisions based on fear of discrimination…” (Kahn, 6/10).

Health-e News: Almost 10 percent of HIV-positive women report forced sterilization — study
“South Africa’s first national HIV stigma index has found that seven percent of HIV-positive women surveyed reported being sterilized against their will and about 40 percent reported contraception was a prerequisite of accessing antiretrovirals (ARVs)…” (Gonzalez, 6/10).