Few Promising Ebola Drugs In Development, WHO Says; Canada Begins Domestic Trial Of Test Vaccine

News outlets report on various aspects of Ebola vaccine and treatment development.

Agence France-Presse: Very few drugs, trial sites in search for Ebola cure: WHO (Larson, 11/14).
Associated Press: WHO sees few promising Ebola drugs in pipeline (11/14).
Bloomberg News: Ebola Vaccine Challenge: Motorbikes and Kerosene Fridges (Kitamura, 11/16).
The Economist: Unchained malady (11/15).
Reuters: WHO starts survey of Ebola treatments, says none proven so far (Miles, 11/14).
Reuters: No safety concerns yet in trials of GSK’s Ebola vaccine (Kelland, 11/17).
TIME: WHO: These Are the Most Promising Ebola Treatments (Park, 11/14).
VOA News: WHO Sets Clinical Trial Criteria for Ebola Drugs (Schlein, 11/14).
Agence France-Presse: Canada to begin Ebola vaccine trials (11/14).
Reuters: Canada begins domestic trial of experimental Ebola vaccine (Hodgson, 11/14).