Feed The Future To Focus On Innovation, Women, IPS Reports

“In the face of global climate change and currency devaluation, improved strategies are being used to combat high international poverty and malnutrition rates, and to increase global food security,” Inter Press Service reports, noting the launch last week of two new Feed the Future innovation labs. The news service highlights an annual progress report on the program. “According to the report, Feed the Future has met the majority of the goals it set for fiscal year 2012 in terms of who is receiving aid and how it is benefiting them,” the news service writes, adding, “Leaders at the organization say that they put more of an emphasis on providing food aid to women.” IPS notes, “By fiscal year 2013, Feed the Future hopes to see over 15 million rural households directly benefit from U.S. government intervention, over eight million people apply for technologies or management as a result of intervention, and over 13 million children under the age of five have access to U.S.-supported nutrition programs” (Hargis, 7/27).