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Expert Panel Discusses Doha Declaration On TRIPS And Public Health 10 Years After Declaration’s Adoption

Intellectual Property Watch reports on a panel event at the World Intellectual Property Organization held by the intergovernmental South Centre and non-governmental Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) on November 14, 10 years after the World Trade Organization (WTO) adopted the Doha Declaration on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) and Public Health. The panel “review[ed] the extent to which the intellectual property and licensing flexibilities recognized in the declaration have helped developing and least developed countries gain access to essential medicines,” and addressed the question, “Is the 10 years of Doha an anniversary to celebrate?” the news service writes.

The news service recaps commentary made by a number of speakers and writes, “Beyond recognizing the significance and limitations of Doha, many of the speakers also made suggestions for improving access to medicines in the future.” South Centre Executive Director Martin Khor “closed the session with an answer to his opening question,” stating “‘The Doha Declaration is a landmark and we should celebrate it. And we know that much more work needs to be done,'” according to Intellectual Property Watch (Hermann, 11/21).