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Experimental Dengue Vaccine Shows Positive Results In Study Among Asian Children

News outlets report on a study that finds an experimental dengue vaccine shows promising results in clinical trials.

Bloomberg Businessweek: Dengue Vaccine Shows Promise Against 3 Out of 4 Viruses
“The most advanced experimental vaccine against dengue protected some children against the disease in a study, though a more effective weapon may still be needed to curb the most widespread mosquito-borne infection…” (Bennett, 7/11).

HealthDay News: Dengue Fever Vaccine Shows Some Promise in Trial
“…While the vaccine only prevented dengue fever in 56 percent of the 10,000 kids who got the full series of three shots, it protected more than 88 percent of them from severe disease. In the worst-case scenarios, dengue fever can lead to hospitalization, and sometimes death…” (Reinberg, 7/10).

Reuters: Sanofi dengue vaccine promising but questions remain
“…The late-stage trial involved 10,275 healthy children aged 2-14 across five countries in Asia, a region that accounts for over two-thirds of the mosquito-borne disease’s global burden. Sanofi had already disclosed in April that its vaccine reduced the incidence of dengue fever by 56 percent in the Asian study, without giving details. The full findings were published online on Friday in The Lancet medical journal…” (Huet, 7/10).

VOA News: Vaccine And Other Strategies May Soon Control Dengue Fever
“…Another large scale study is taking place in Latin America. Sanofi Pasteur, the manufacturer, says the vaccine could be available by 2015…” (Pearson, 7/10).