Experimental Dengue Vaccine Shows Positive Results In Early Human Testing, Study Says

News outlets report on a study showing promising results from an early human challenge trial of an experimental dengue vaccine.

CNN: New dengue vaccine shows promise
“A new type of dengue vaccine called TV003 seems to protect people against at least one type of the virus, according to a small study…” (Storrs, 3/16).

Nature: Dengue vaccine aces trailblazing trial
“…Concerns about the safety of deliberately infecting people have limited the use of human challenge studies. Researchers now generally test whether most vaccines work by vaccinating large numbers of people who were already at risk of contracting the disease concerned, and observing whether or not they were protected…” (Hayden, 3/16).

Reuters: U.S. made dengue vaccine 100 percent effective in small study
“A dengue vaccine developed by U.S. National Institutes of Health scientists protected everyone given the shot against the virus in a promising small study published on Wednesday, with the researchers saying it could become widely available by 2018…” (Dunham, 3/16).

Science Speaks: Dengue vaccine candidate protects fully in controlled human challenge trial
“…The vaccine candidate called TV003, developed by scientists at the National Institutes of Health, will now be tested among 17,000 volunteers in a trial that began in Brazil last month, researchers said…” (Barton, 3/16).

VOA News: Vaccine to Guard Against Dengue Fever Is Almost at Hand
“…Twenty-four of the participants who received the experimental vaccine were exposed to the virus and not one became infected. By contrast, all of those in the control group, who were not vaccinated, became infected…” (Berman, 3/16).

Washington Post: Scientists expose vaccine volunteers to dengue virus and find 100 percent were protected
“…In a conference call with reporters this week, researchers — who tend to pepper their description of studies with talk of limitations and caveats — were uncharacteristically optimistic that the vaccine will be successful…” (Cha, 3/16).