Expected Syrian Government Attack On Idlib Province Could Displace 700K People, Worsen Humanitarian Crisis, Health Agencies Warn

Newsweek: Northwestern Syrian Offensive Could Displace 700,000 People, Health Agencies Warn
“An expected Syrian government attack in the country’s northwestern Idlib province could displace over 700,000 people and lead to a dire humanitarian situation. The ‘Health Cluster Bulletin’ report, which is published by health-focused humanitarian groups and spearheaded by the World Health Organization, said that aid workers were preparing for increased aid demands…” (Moritz-Rabson, 8/8).

Reuters: Health agencies warn Idlib offensive could uproot 700,000 Syrians
“… ‘Increased hostilities are expected in the northwest in the coming period, to result in displacements of 250,000 to over 700,000 people in Idlib and surrounding areas,’ the report said. ‘This will cause an increased need for humanitarian assistance to the new vulnerable and host communities, especially emergency health services’…” (Miles, 8/8).