Expanded Mexico City Policy Will Negatively Impact Reproductive Health Services For Kenyan Women, NGO Workers Say

Reuters: Kenyan medics say U.S. health aid cuts will mean more abortions
“President Donald Trump’s dramatic expansion of a policy blocking U.S. aid to [foreign] organizations offering abortion services will have one sure result, say medical workers in this city: more abortions. … The extension requires all [foreign] health organizations receiving U.S. aid to guarantee they do not provide abortion services or discuss abortion policy, even if the abortion-related activities are funded by non-U.S. government sources. … The policy means cuts to programs like the one run by Kenyan nurse Monica Oguttu, who founded the Kisumu Medical and Education Trust to help poor women get health care and education in the country’s third largest-city. The trust had been scheduled to receive a total of $2 million from USAID from 2017 to 2021, around 56 percent of its budget. It now expects to lose all its U.S. funding…” (Wadekar, 5/23).