Ending Malaria Possible With Intensified Efforts From Global Community

Huffington Post: Ending Malaria Is Possible
Melvin Sanicas, regional medical expert at Sanofi Pasteur, consultant for the WHO, and agenda contributor for the World Economic Forum

“…[I]f we are to realize our goal of eliminating malaria, the world must commit to finishing what has been started. Now, more than ever, countries and their development partners need to work together to close the gap of access to proven prevention measures and greater investment in the development and deployment of new malaria control tools. Malaria elimination also depends on the abundance of new tools in the pipeline. Up to two-thirds of malaria-endemic countries are facing antimalarial drug resistance and insecticide resistance. To beat malaria, we must be as smart and adaptive as the malaria parasite itself. Ending malaria is possible — but it will require intensified efforts from across the global community” (4/18).