Ending Extreme Poverty Requires Governments To Act, U.N. Adviser Jeffrey Sachs Says

Huffington Post: The Rich Countries Are Leaving the Poor for Dead: Jeffrey Sachs on the Millennium Development Goals
Katherine Keating, contributing editor of The WorldPost and executive producer of the One on One Series

“…Despite his experiences of skepticism and false promises over the past 15 years, Sachs still believes that the world can put an end to extreme poverty. Echoing one of his earlier speeches, the reality is ‘either you decide to leave people to die or you decide to do something about it.’ As we move to this post-2015 agenda, to the Sustainable Development Goal era, Sachs’ call to action is to spread the word, to move the issue of global poverty into the mainstream, and to put pressure on our governments to take the necessary action.” The piece includes a video interview with Sachs (5/14).