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Emerging Disease Threats Will Continue To Pose Challenges To CDC, Outgoing Director Frieden Says

Scientific American: Trump’s CDC May Face Serious Hurdles
“…On day one of the Donald Trump administration, [Acting CDC Director Anne] Schuchat will already be grappling with numerous threats as the agency continues its work of investigating outbreaks and seeking to prevent new ones. In the past seven and a half years under [CDC Director Tom] Frieden’s leadership, the CDC has been roiled by crises including government furloughs, H1N1 flu, lab safety issues, and the U.S. responses to Ebola and the Haiti earthquake. The agency is also still in emergency mode as it confronts the mosquito-borne Zika virus and its related birth defects. And the hits are likely to keep on coming. The CDC will struggle to deal with emerging threats because it does not have the cash or power to respond immediately in a crisis, Frieden says…” (Maron, 1/18).