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Eliminating Maternal Mortality In Developing Countries Could Improve Life Expectancy, Study Says

Media sources highlight a study recently published in PLOS ONE that examines the benefits of eliminating maternal mortality in developing countries.

ANI/Business Standard: Eliminating maternal mortality could improve women’s life expectancy in developing countries
“Eliminating maternal mortality, which is defined as the deaths related to pregnancy, would result in a gain of over a half year in life expectancy worldwide, according to a new study. … In sub-Saharan African countries, the possible achievable gains from eliminating maternal mortality fluctuate between 0.24 and 1.47 years, or six percent and 44 percent of potential gains…” (2/26).

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: Eliminating Maternal Mortality In Developing Countries Could Extend Women’s Life Expectancy In Reproductive Ages
“Maternal death rates represent the single largest health discrepancy between developed and developing populations, with nearly all — over 99 percent — maternal deaths worldwide occurring in developing countries and over half of them in sub-Saharan Africa countries…” (2/25).