Efforts To Eliminate Human African Trypanosomiasis See Successes, Challenges, Guardian Reports

The Guardian examines international efforts to eliminate human African trypanosomiasis, commonly known as sleeping sickness, which “remains endemic in 36 sub-Saharan African countries today, putting some 70 million people at risk.” The newspaper continues, “Elimination efforts have seen developments on multiple fronts: a strong health system in place for early identification of clinical signs and symptoms, a referral system, laboratory diagnosis, and effective treatment.” “As the number of cases continues to fall, the elimination of sleeping sickness rests on the ability for control activities to be integrated into wider health systems,” the newspaper writes, noting, “The challenge with integrated service delivery is that it reveals organizational, logistical and technical deficiencies shortcomings.” According to The Guardian, “Elimination will enable this scourge to fall from the top of global health agenda, but ministries of health will need to ensure that resources and training remain available” (Ebikeme, 12/5).