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Editorials Urge Global Community To Fund Food Aid For Syrian Refugees

The Guardian: The Guardian view on the Syrian crisis: if we can’t tackle the cause, at least we should deal with symptoms
Editorial Board

“…In a decision intended to ring alarm bells, the United Nations’ World Food Programme has announced that it is suspending food aid in the region because of a lack of funding. The WFP needs around $60m to provide critical food vouchers to over 1.7 million Syrian refugees through the month of December. … No one wants, or seems able, to deal with the root of the Syrian problem — the Assad regime — but now we are not even dealing with the symptoms. Food aid is essential. Governments of the richest nations, starting perhaps with those in the Gulf, must give the U.N. the money it needs to feed Syrians going hungry. The very stability of the countries sheltering those refugees may be at stake” (12/2).

New York Times: World Food Programme’s Struggle to Feed Millions
Editorial Board

“If the term ‘international community’ is to have any meaning, it should denote the shared responsibility of all nations to assist people forced to flee their countries and lose their livelihood through no fault of their own. … On Monday, after months of warnings that it’s running out of money, the WFP announced that it had been forced to suspend the critical [food voucher] program [for Syrian refugees]. … It is imperative that the richer members of the international community recognize the rapidly growing need and respond promptly and generously. Many organizations have cut back on programs or have threatened to, but WFP is the first agency that has actually been forced to suspend a vital program, and the thing about food, as one WFP official said, ‘is, you can’t not have it'” (12/2).