Editorial, Opinion Pieces Address ‘State Of The World’s Mothers’ Report

Save the Children on Tuesday released its annual “State of the World’s Mothers” report. The following is a summary of an editorial and an opinion piece addressing the report.

  • Huffington Post’s “Global Motherhood” blog: “This year’s edition focuses on the staggering number of newborn deaths that occur in a baby’s earliest days — and the opportunity to reduce this universal tragedy,” the editorial notes. “The focus of this year’s edition is highlighted by a breathtaking statistic: More than one million babies around the world die on the day they are born each year. Nearly three million die within the first month,” the editorial writes, adding, “Even more heartbreaking is the fact that many of those deaths can be prevented by the implementation of simple and straightforward health practices” (5/7).
  • Natalie Hanman, The Guardian’s “Comment is Free”: “The report, which looks at 176 countries, assesses mothers’ wellbeing against the same five indicators: lifetime risk of maternal death, under-five mortality rate, expected number of years of formal schooling, gross national income per capita and the participation of women in national government,” Hanman, editor of the blog, writes. “But do these five indicators fully capture the experience of mothering?” she asks, adding, “In your experience, what is it that makes a country a good, or bad, place to be a mother?” (5/7).