Ebola Virus Particles Detected In Survivors’ Semen More Than 1 Year Post-Infection

Reuters: Ebola virus lasts in semen for up to 565 days: study
“The largest analysis yet has found Ebola virus particles present in semen as long as 565 days after recovery from an infection, highlighting the potential role of sex in sparking another outbreak, researchers reported on Tuesday. The study, published in the Lancet Global Health, involved 429 men seen between July 2015 and May 2016 who were part of the Liberian government’s Men’s Health Screening Program (MHSP), the first national semen testing program for Ebola virus…” (Steenhuysen, 8/30).

Washington Post: Ebola stayed in the semen of one man for 565 days
“…[The study] shows that of the 429 men who were tested, nine percent, or 38 Ebola survivors, had fragments of the Ebola virus in their semen. Of the 38, 63 percent had semen samples that tested positive for Ebola one year later. One man was found to still carry Ebola a shocking 565 days after he recovered from illness. That’s a full year and 200 days…” (Cha, 8/30).