Ebola To Worsen Economies Of West African Nations, Experts Fear

News outlets report on the economic damage expected to occur in West Africa as a result of the Ebola epidemic.

Reuters: IMF sees large financing needs next year for Ebola-hit countries
“The International Monetary Fund foresees large financing needs next year in the three West African countries hardest hit by the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus…” (10/30).

Scientific American: Ebola Exacerbates West Africa’s Poverty Crisis
“…[Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone,] which already lacked functioning health care systems, now face the economic and social aftereffects of a devastating outbreak. Just as Ebola insidiously infects the very health care workers tasked with fighting it, the virus is straining already struggling countries, exacerbating problems that linger from recent civil wars and deep history…” (Biello, 10/30).