Ebola Survivors In Sierra Leone, Liberia Demand Government, Red Cross Be Held Responsible For Allegations Of Funds Mismanagement During Outbreak

Reuters: Ebola victims sue Sierra Leone government over mismanaged funds
“Two Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone filed a lawsuit in a regional court on Friday, accusing the government of mismanaging funds during an epidemic that killed more than 3,000 people in the West African nation…” (Fofana/Bavier, 12/15).

VOA News: Sierra Leone Health Workers Sue Government Over Ebola Response
“…The Ebola survivors blame a lack of resources provided by the government for their infection and for the deaths of many of their co-workers. Their suit claims the government’s mismanagement of funds violated the plaintiffs’ ‘right to life and health’…” (12/15).

Washington Times: Ebola survivors in Liberia demand prosecutions for fraud and corruption that cost lives
“Faith Sayeh blamed the Red Cross for the death of her husband and two children during the 2014 Ebola outbreak that claimed thousands of lives [in Liberia]. … Ms. Sayeh was referring to the shocking report by International Red Cross auditors in November that $6 million was lost to fraud and corruption during the Ebola epidemic in West Africa from March 2014 to January 2016. The auditors discovered overpriced supplies, salaries for nonexistent aid workers, and fake customs bills. In Liberia, $2.7 million disappeared, according to the Red Cross. … The Red Cross said it also is trying to recover the money…” (Onyulo/Passewe, 12/17).